I started my personal Yoga journey 10 years ago and I started teaching Yoga 5 years ago after fully qualifying. I am a fully certified Sivananda Yoga teacher. I personalise my naked Yoga courses and classes to your individual needs and I am sure that my students will receive many benefits from my naked Yoga class - some of the most well-known benefits are calmness, mental & physical strength and flexibility.  Naked Yoga helps us all to improve our self-esteem and respect our own body image. It gives us a chance to connect and accept ourselves again.


My own first experience of naked Yoga was quite an amazing experience. I was worried about being without clothing in a mixed group but within ten minutes of the class starting I found that I did not really notice that I was naked and I felt more free and empowered in my Yoga practice than I had ever felt before, even when practicing Yoga with my clothes on! I decided then that I wanted to teach naked Yoga and I hope you will share my experiences when you attend one of my classes. I have extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement patterns of the body and I am continuing to develop my professional teaching skills.

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