Eve’s journey started with Yoga 8 years ago and has been a practice embedded in her life ever since her first Hatha flow class.Yoga for Eve has enabled her to gain a better understanding of her self and of her body, bringing the conversation between the mind and the body closer together.


It was through meditation and Yoga she found an ease to calm her mind and began to learn self love and through naked Yoga she found the ability to be even more present in the body. Within Eve’s classes she creates a space in which you can look within yourself without judgement and explore what is present for you in the here and now. With a nurturing and holistic energy she guides you to a place where you can restore, unwind and come home to your body.


Eve looks to bring light out in every student that comes to her classes, leaving you feeling nourished and replenished.She has a love for the beauty within life and a passion for enabling others to feel more connected within themselves and at one with their bodies.


Passionate about female empowerment Eve continues on her journey through exploring Yoga and how it can empower and liberate. She enjoys sharing her experiences and brings new elements to her classes, with a warm and kind smile you will feel at ease and come away feeling full of vitality and life!